The RockPool People

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Who Are The Rockpool People?

Since the excitement of opening our doors for business late last year, the question we have been asked most is none too surprising.

Who are The Rockpool People?

In short, we are a growing mortgage and finance broking team….with a difference.

Curiousity risen?

Well in that case, if you have a little more time to spare, let’s explain things in a little more detail.

Leaning on decades of industry experience, we offer full and complete personal service, and can assist with all mortgage and financial products. However, we have re-conceived the traditional borrowing model, allowing us to integrate our desire to facilitate the financial progression of our clients with our passion for social innovation throughout the community.

Through the causes and initiatives close to our hearts, we have assembled a charity panel of four generous and active Sydney-based not-for-profits, partnerships we truly cherish and value. We have – and will continue – to act not simply as benefactors or proponents of their goals, but as feet on the ground and hands in the mud, actively participating in events and fundraisers throughout the year.

As our spiffy new animation outlines, our donation system works by earmarking a fixed percentage of each mortgage commission to be directly donated to our charity partners. This way, we have anchored our donation potential to our ability to further the financial ambitions of our customers.

It is genuinely exciting to see how far things have come in such a short period of time, and the heart-warming public response has gone a long way to easing nervous minds. Even more uplifting has been our exposure to the bottomless generousity of everyday people fighting for social equality, reaching out to others in need, and advancing the tireless effort for solutions to incurable problems.

If anyone you know is interested in having an open conversation about their financing options, or wants to learn more about our charities, we are always happy to talk.